When I see the evening sun
gracefully fall into the forest

and the last rays sweep across the sky
I hear the slow progression of cello and violin

as the music makes room in me for these rare
moments and feelings of peace.

I have been down that road
many times in this life

hoping that what is unknown and unseen
would change, a different result would be waiting

but after years of chasing shadows
and fleeing from truths steeped in stars

I found you waiting beneath the setting sun.

Standing before my reality, I see the ruins.
A civilization gone before my eyes.
The pillars stand above the land, where someone’s
life started.

Standing alone on a cliff,
I see what remains.
The water flows beneath my feet,
From the canal to the Dead Sea.

People from the old world came to start again,
their shattered lives.
Fleeing an impending war and threat,
they brought their children here to better their lives.
Love and trust lie deep into these people.
Their bones were broken by lies.

Looking over the west horizon,
I see shattered lives drift on,
in front of the now setting sun.

DeadSea_BW-lowrez_3-570x380 DeadSea_BW-lowrez-570x380

Photos from http://photocreative365.com/the-dead-sea-bashar