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Poem – What is Left After the Words

The slow music fades into the background. The thoughts and words I am left with feel hollow and weak, they have lost meaning. I throw all of the words away in an attempt to start again after some time has passed and the raw emotion becomes real. I start down the path collecting what best […]
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Poem – In These Times

In these times there are more questions than the answers we require to move and breath. In these times we feel isolated, at great distances from the reality we see. In these times the human spirit further bonds and strengthens, we are all in this together.

What can be said

Unnerving silence following tragedy when hundreds of voices became unheard. I’ve never seen any of your faces until now through photos random glimpses and a summary of a life shortened swiftly. Birds gather across the open sky and we join hands across boundaries across borders and across cultures because we are human and in this […]
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Poem – That Delicate Balance

I listen and watch the stories unfold of tragedy and unrest of the mountains unease. There is no escaping the silent truths under whispered breath – we are at her mercy. In the throes of spring I swim within my own journey and the resurrection I undertook with your hand gently upon my shoulder and […]
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Beyond Words

How best to spend the evening when the girlfriend is out of town in Detroit? With brinner of course. On a serious note: I am without words and helpless. Regardless of belief or who we pray to, fellow human beings, including children, were in the wrong place and became victims of nature’s most powerful force. […]
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