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Of Religion, Spirituality, and Nothing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Whatever your belief or non-belief (to say you believe in nothing is still a belief system); whatever deity or non-deity you look toward for guidance, comfort, or even out of a sense of obligation, is a personal choice. It is a choice that no other person, group, or government should […]
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Poem – The Cathedral

A common path along the shore of an unnamed lake guides you over entrenched roots and persistent brush, the daily webs strung discreetly The hills of Eastern Bosnia lie dormant craggy rocks and spent shrapnel under the snow Lily of the Valley dormant, hibernates with the bears awaiting the cold to retreat Tall, arching entrance, […]
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Poem – War Child

Standing among the ruins. He looks out over to the west, as the sun sets upon the land And the smoke billows from the ruins. Many thoughts at once run through his mind and collide. He stands alone, afraid to look. Afraid to ask. In his arms, he holds all that is left of his […]
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Poem – Waiting

Across the sea of sand and water thousands of miles away weeks and months may pass before we hear your voice. To forget about the time and placate our worried and disjointed thoughts we look for your face and hopefully a smile in someone’s photograph.

I walked in the Valley of Shadows

I walk the valley of shadow and darkness looking for you, not your physical self but the essence left behind by the deeds and missions you have accomplished and completed, the sacrifices you have made and the self shaped through layers of experiences, yet we know the real person beneath.

Don’t forget your boots

The long walk through the valley overshadowed by the mountains. Don’t forget your boots. Sand upon sand the layered earth covers fragments, shells, and mines. Don’t forget your boots. I do not pretend to understand or relate I have not been there – I am here gazing at the stars washed in the moonlight filled […]
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