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  • Poem – What is Left After the Words

    The slow music fades into the background. The thoughts and words I am left with feel hollow and weak, they have lost meaning. I throw all of the words away in an attempt to start again after some time has passed and the raw emotion becomes real. I start down the path collecting what best…

  • Poem – Word

    The very moment you prepared for, going through each detail, emotions and movement, finally finds you, the actors in their place, face to face with what has been consuming your thoughts – and the words have left.

  • Looking for Words

    I sit here for hours, cup after cup of coffee, legs falling asleep, the hand holding the pen becoming bored, while I wait for an avalanche of words. As the rain falls, I hope a few will land on this page and over time become the elusive poem I am so desperately looking for: the…