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Poem – To No One

I sat down to write what’s consuming my mind day in and day out. I thought on the state of the world the wars, the drought, the famine – the social and environmental issues that continue to plague all beings. I thought about what can we do I thought about what can I do. What […]
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Poem – Deconstructed, part 2 (Fracture 52)

glory to the stars white pinpoints. glory to the sublime dust streaks across the eastern sky. Haley visits. so too the particles surviving the atmosphere. and the shower we do not see sprinkled upon barren heads and barren earth. murky primordial soup encroaching the shore catches falling bits, no ripple, no wave, no cause, no […]
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I came across this photo on Facebook and cannot help but be mesmerized by their faces and everything it symbolizes.  These are Japanese Macaque, also called Snow Monkeys.  They appear to be in a hot spring, possibly in Japan.  I find it impossible to look at this, their face, expressions, and not know we are […]
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