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Poem – I am Out There

(1) Frequent glimpses of moving shadows and white figures. (2) One last time I enter the cold darkness and find a mass near the bushes, but this object reflects nor consumes light and I immediately feel a connection and cry when I know this is my shadow. (3) A view across the expanse of empty […]
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Poem – Calm

Time and age conspire with numbers setting expectations. You are only as old as you feel and that depends on the body’s voice. These things are mostly out of our control and in youth we ignore and push limits looking to find something beyond life looking over the edge at the mouth of death. As […]
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Our Land First

Downtown, we run free under the streetlamps at each corner and intersection highlighting the one-way, the no u-turn, the merge the detour, the not open for business, the no parking the yes you can park, but please insert your money, the VIP parking only. We run free at the hours you tell us we can […]
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