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Poem – Untitled War

Sun bleached dress Vibrant orange into dull peach Days wear long upon my body Sun deepens, light spreading to my bones One last request, please A meal, a word, an exit Give me dignity and grace, allow my family a place To bring flowers and pictures and whiskey

Poem – The Wheat Fields

Sun through skeleton trees illuminates the tall grass with a golden tone. The alfalfa is blooming. Autumn’s harvest moon rising against a backdrop of scattered orange and wavering purple. The warring people have drawn a line, and promised to not cross into the wheat fields, promised not to trample this sanctuary where the children play. […]
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Poem – The Cathedral

A common path along the shore of an unnamed lake guides you over entrenched roots and persistent brush, the daily webs strung discreetly The hills of Eastern Bosnia lie dormant craggy rocks and spent shrapnel under the snow Lily of the Valley dormant, hibernates with the bears awaiting the cold to retreat Tall, arching entrance, […]
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Poem – The Common Square

Cathedral rings the morning call arousing the children from a distant land of baseball and open sand lots using tin cans for bases Life streams from the east over the cathedral spires patiently bringing light to shadows chasing away the midnight sun The downtown commons unusually busy this time of day, merchants crowd the street […]
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