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On Writing Poetry

I’ve spent most of the weekend reading a book titled “Sky Above, Great Wind”, the life and poetry of Zen Master Ryokan.  Out of the zen masters I have read, I am finding his teaching to be uncluttered, using only the words that are needed to show the path.  His poetry is sparse, honest, self-depracating, […]
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Today’s Music

Today is brought to you by Mystical Sun, a soundscape of ambient and electronica. Providing a backdrop for pondering, writing, or just getting lost.

Questions, Decisions, Summer, Randomness

Before the sun winks, I am on my way to start another day and wondered, is this what summer smells like?  The air is damp and thick with moisture that has encased fragrant flowers. The trip to Alaska is coming up quickly now.  I find myself in the same predicament as the trip to Mt […]
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Turning 38

I recently turned 38 and life, of course, deviated from the one set in stone paths, the direction at that time I knew was it, I knew was my only way. I am not complaining or disrespecting the station I find myself within. Despite vowing to never remarry, I subconsciously and consciously find myself living […]
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In celebration of this being my 100th post on this website, and as a follow-up to a previous post and comments about music, here is a list of music I listen to while writing. Olafur Arnalds Johann Johannsson Hildur Gudnadottir Valgeir Sigurdsson Moby Kaskade Late Night Alumni Tycho Aarktica Alva Noto Ryuichi Sakamoto Biosphere The […]
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Out of Town

In Lutsen for a few days of hiking, relaxing, and writing.  I will have some fresh new writings and perspectives on nature and Zen.  This time has given me the title for the new collections of poems, revolving around my learning and understanding of Zen as I continue down this path.