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  • Poem – Daydream

    Hours become days and the tasks I desire succumb to the ones I dread and I sit here at the empty table holding a cold cup of coffee and daydream of writing.

  • Current Happenings – National Poetry Month

    I am little late, but April is National Poetry Month!  And this year AWP is taking place in Minneapolis.  While not attending AWP, I will be and have been writing a new poem each day and posting here. Daily words and inspiration are being kindly donated by Patricia from Twisted Root Studios. I will also…

  • As writers we should stop using “as”

    Working on edits the other day and my own essay and something about the word “as” really struck a cord with me. As implies and makes assumptions.  It generalizes a group or individual. Take for example the title of this post. It starts with “as writers”. It assumes to include and be a voice for…

  • Fall 2013 Available as a Flip-book and for Purchase

    The Fall 2013 issue of Stone Path Review is available as a flip-book and for purchase. Stone Path Review: Stone Path Review Fall 2013 Artistic Journal with poetry, photography, featured artist interview, and short stories. We are artists publishing journals for other artists.

  • Quote – Ted Kooser – Considering the ways…

    Working on an interview and I came across this great quote from Ted Kooser. “Considering the ways in which so many of us waste our time, what would be wrong with a world in which everybody were writing poems? After all, there’s a significant service to humanity in spending time doing no harm. While you’re…

  • Update and Endeavors

    I’ve been away from the blog more than I would like, but things will settle down a bit in September.  I’ve been taking PHP classes and working on certification.  PHP is the programming language behind many websites (such as Facebook) and what Workdpress is created with.  I”m hoping this will take my career in a…

  • Northography Writing Prompt

    The latest writing prompt at Northography is available and is a photograph titled “Man in the Corn”.  Check it out and write.  And write more.

  • Writing – Northography

    The new stimulus at Northography has been posted and is a photo of tomatoes.

  • Early Summer Morning

    As a thunderstorm approaches from the west, I listen to various bird calls such as the robin and oriole. As more lightning flashes across rooftops, and the thunder becomes more immediate, their calls quiet. Soon, the soundscape is replaced by heavy raindrops blanketing streets, patios, and window screens with water. Further plunged into the storm,…

  • Get your pens ready

    The great folks, Brit Fleming, at Northography have a new visual stimulus posted for your writing pleasure.