Update and Endeavors

I’ve been away from the blog more than I would like, but things will settle down a bit in September.  I’ve been taking PHP classes and working on certification.  PHP is the programming language behind many websites (such as Facebook) and what Workdpress is created with.  I”m hoping this will take my career in a different direction, and allow me to understand more deeply how WordPress works and create plugins.

Stone Path Review is surfacing again as it has been 1-month since the Summer issue was released, so now we spend the next 2-months putting the Fall issue together.  Our featured artist will be Kevin Zepper and will include some of his work, an interview, and a review of “Sugartown”.

Behind the scenes of Enso Press, which publishes Stone Path Review, we are working on a future release party and plans to work with independent filmmakers.  More exciting information to come!

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