The Proven Life

What is the Proven Life?

An epic journey of a person living many lives, from the beginning of the universe until the present. This is the story of a person searching for their inner self, their soul. We struggle to know, who we are. Our mind controls our actions, our feelings, our love. What happens when the mind separates itself and becomes it’s own being? What happens when the love of your life, your soul mate, is taken from you, murdered, while sleeping next to you?

What happens is the Proven Life.

The Proven Life also is our first introduction to Joline, a recurring character in many poems and prose, and also the centerpiece of a book I am currently working on.  Pieces of my own life have been woven in amongst the web of a story, showing a life proven through hardships and lives of many other people.

The Proven Life is organized in 2 parts with 14 and 10 chapters respectively.

Part 1 “The Beginning”

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • [1] The Proven Life starts with the main character, Job, discovering his love is gone.  The hero of the book of Job who endures affliction with fortitude and faith.  A narrative and poetic book of canonical Jewish and Christian Scripture
  • Chapter 2: A Void
  • Chapter 3: Chosen Fate
    • [2] This communication takes place between the main character, Job, and a spirit that is visiting.  When Job speaks, it will be in bold to help differentiate
    • [3] Katana: A Japanese samurai sword.  In the Proven Life, it is used to commit Seppuku, or Hrar-kiri, a Japanese ritual suicide considered an honorable death
    • [4] Orion The Hunter:  A constellation on the equator east of Taurus represented on charts by the figure of a hunter with belt and sword, also a giant hunter slain by Artemis in Greek mythology.  In the Proven Life, Orion represents a guardian over mankind and specifically the main character, Job.
    • [5] Iron Maiden :  Quote from song “The Duelist” from the album “Powerslave”, Copyright © 1984 Iron Maiden Publishing
  • Chapter 4: Dreams From Within
  • Chapter 5: Prelude to the Distant Shore
  • Chapter 6: Journey to the Distant Shore
    • [6] Genesis: The origin or coming into being something.  The mainly narrative first book of canonical Jewish and Christian scriptures.  Symbolizes something new, or starting over again.  Genesis is used throughout the Proven Life  to represent the beginning of time and life and starting over again.
    • [7] The Boatman:  He is the ferryman of the dead. The souls of the deceased are brought to him by Hermes, and Charon ferries them across the river Acheron.  In the Proven Life, the boatman, Charon from Greek Mythology, warns Job about the River Acheron and what to expect on the other side, the Distant Shore
    • [8] The River Acheron:  In Greek mythology, The River Acheron means the river of woe.  The river is said to flow through Hades, the kingdom of Hell.  In the Proven Life, Charon is ushering Job across the Acheron river to the Distant Shore.
  • Chapter 7: The Boat Man’s Lessons
  • Chapter 8: Journey Continues
    • [9] Imotehp:  Imotehp (also Imhotep) was the world’s first named architect who built Egypt’s first pyramid and is often recognized as the world’s first doctor, a priest, scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and a vizier and chief minister to Djoser (reigned 2630 – 2611 BC), the second king of Egypt’s third dynasty.  Imhotep’s name means “the one that comes in peace”.  In the Proven Life, a reference is made to Imotehp carrying the Egyptian Book of the Dead, who, as a priest, may have during his time.
    • [10] Egyptian Book of the Dead:  The Book of the Dead is the name given to a group of spells written on sheets of papyrus covered with magical texts and accompanying illustrations called vignettes.  These were placed with the dead in order to help them pass through the dangers of the underworld.  Some of the texts and vignettes are also found on the walls of tombs and on coffins.  In the Proven Life, Death is carrying the Book of the Dead
    • [11] Quote from John Berryman, “A Professor’s Song”:  Publishing date unknown.
    • [12] Quote from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”:  Published in 1991, written by James Cameron and William Wisher Jr.
  • Chapter 9: Wandering Souls
  • Chapter 10: Flowing River From the Sea of Time
    • [13] The Rose is a symbol for mankind.
    • [14] Battle in Heaven between good and evil.
    • [15] Phoenix:  A legendary bird, which according to one account, lived 500 years, burned itself to ashes on a pyre, and rose alive from the ashes to live another period.  In the Proven Life, the Phoenix perishes and is re-born every two-thousand years, providing both a symbol for mankind and the coming of Christ.
    • [16] Great Barrier:  The visible barrier seen when looking towards the horizon, where the earth meets Heaven.
  • Chapter 11: Death March
  • Chapter 12: The Dawning
  • Chapter 13: The Ancient Mariner
    • [17] “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Quotes: Samuel Taylor Coleridge (10/21/1772 – 7/25/1834). First published 1798, Coleridge Poetical Works, Oxford University Press, Editor – Ernest Hartley Coleridge, First Oxford Edition 1969.
    • [18] Quote from “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” lines 115 to 122
    • [19]Quote from “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” lines 212 to 223
    • [20] Polaris: Also known as the North Star, it is the brightest star in the sky. It was commonly used as a navigational aid by many mariners and voyagers as sea.
    • [21]Albatross: Any of a family of large web-footed seabirds that have long slender wings, are excellent sliders, and include the largest seabirds. Something that causes persistent deep concern or anxiety or greatly hinders accomplishment.
  • Chapter 14: Peace at Last

Part 2 “The Traveler”