Beyond the Border Kingdom

What becomes the border kingdom when the time arrives, and what brought us to this point? Were we even aware of the path we were following and where it was headed?

Sometimes questions are thrown into the empty space with no intended recipient and we quickly walk away from the moment. What if that question transforms into endless energy and continuously seeks out an answer? Sometimes the answer is not obvious and may manifest itself it ways we never would imagine:

• A single tree in the middle of an otherwise empty field.
• A creek covered with brush and fallen trees.
• A winter evening lit by distant stars.
• A death within your soul.
• The raven’s wing near your skin.
• A burning sky consuming the forest, the moon, every star, and the last light.
• A cross-road in a white dream.
• White petals falling into the black river.

Beneath the layers of anxiety, guilt, trauma, confusion, indecision, loss, a perfect being sits silently holding up the weight of time and in turn, experiences. In the raw form, this being is free of sin, free of bonds, free of oppression – is innocent. This being smiles with compassion, reaches a hand to a neighbor, walks with light feet upon the earth.

How do we unearth what we can be, what we truly are? By choosing to cross the border through the kingdoms of our own and other’s creation.

The border kingdom is any separation or boundary between two different realms. It is a transition from one space or plane to another. It is physical, spiritual, mental, conscious and unconscious – it is everything you see and do not see.

A being will arrive at a point in their life when they are ready or not ready to transition. It is a decision made to leave one space and move to another. Once across the border, there is no going back. The present becomes the past and the future becomes the present.

This continuous cycle of birth, growth, and death is augmented by stays in the kingdoms denoting the border that we cross – crossing the border grants wisdom, experience, life, and after death.

In death the body succumbs to the river’s flow to be dispersed at sea. Each fragment is consumed and scattered, the image of the person is recreated when the being/essence finds a new body and reemerges on the other side of the border. In this process the excess fragments are no longer needed and are discarded.

To cross the border is to accept who you are now, in this present form, and choose to grow, leaving behind the previous. It is not an easy choice, and fear will always be present, but you cannot grow or cross until the fear is conquered and extricated from the being.


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  8. Bartered Reality
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  10. This is Life
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