Poem – Questions

Shared from http://fin6.com/2013/12/black-and-white-tree/
Shared from http://fin6.com/2013/12/black-and-white-tree/

From a distance I asked the tree
Silent questions.

For days we stood face to face
In the gulf of uncertainty as

Words flowed between in a language
I did not know.

Its leaves began to change
and I asked how this felt. Does it hurt?

When the leaves began to fall en masse
I asked again if it hurt.

Still no discernible answer.
When the snow began to fall

Its skeleton limbs provided little
Shelter and I briefly thought

To use them to make fire as the
Temperature dropped and the

Earth hardened beyond recognition
The path I took no longer visible.

On a particularly cold evening the sky
Cleared and the moon like water

Sought every corner of the fields
Bringing them to life in this darkest of days.

How beautiful the tree burning like a new
Lover seeking approval, the first impression.

With these thoughts I fell
asleep to the sound of nothing

and lost myself to hard questions
struggling to place myself within.

I awoke and a tree was closer
my head upon a root.

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  1. I really like this poem. Artists see the structure of the tree only when the leaves are gone. the Celts believe the druids live in the trees.    Here are some haiku.   Cold winter moon makes Me long for summer sunshine I start walking home   Snow drifts over my View of the far horizon I am almost home   I follow deer tracks Through the new layer of snow I now see my home  

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