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Rote & Ritual

Personal introspection and new music to get through the day from my friend at The Day on Fire. Rote & Ritual

New Interview Coming / Jeff Lofvers

After a long silence for Stone Path Review & Magazine, we are back with a new interview to be posted soon. For this one, we interviewed the creator of the webcomic “Don’t Hit Save” Jeff Lofvers.

Victoria Woollaston @ – Quantum Physics – Death Is An Illusion

The Black Poem

Poem by Chris Roe – Old Man

By your side There is peace, A quiet place Of beauty and realisation, Where wisdom Seeks reason and understanding, Where myth is laid to rest By the reality of knowledge. By your side There is hope, That arrogance and greed Will not destroy, That selfless love Will prevail. By your side Life is sacred, A […]
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snow blow.

Poem, by Michael Gause

My good friend Michael Gause was kind enough to share this poem. The wisdom of oak and a hunter’s rhythm tobacco, sweat and that patience rising like dust to join low creek fog, the sunrise just beyond

Poetry from Ricci Milan

Ricci Milan, a frequent contributor to Stone Path Review, and founder of Rhythmic Circus, shared these timely words with me. (1) Broken hearts, With a broken history. When we ignore the depth Of our injuries, Free, Nobody gets to be. Hope still lives in me. We can break this cycle, We can unfold this mystery. […]
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Downing soul. Nonnette


Alan Kleiman was kind enough to share this poem here. OF DOG CABLES AND BEAUTY Your pretty face always says to me Welcome Look this way with enthusiasm For you will find symmetries to please your soul when your eyes catch my cheek The line near my forehead the angle of my nose hint life […]
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