Note from a Poet Friend

These are beautiful and from the heart words from Wendy Brown-Baez that I wanted to share.

It’s Good Friday, day of descent and awareness that we all walk forward into our own deaths one day. Sometimes we may get a glimpse of descent to the underworld when we lose hope and go through the dark night of the soul. That night is very dark, and sometimes the only light may be a warm hand grasping yours, a smile from a child, a silence in a circle, a poem that sings to your heart. Today, in the middle of National Poetry Month I want to acknowledge all of the poets who moved me, inspired me, provoked me, kept my flame burning. The miracle of words: the beauty of rhythm and movement, breath and pause, leaping between meanings to find the one meant for me to hear. When I teach, I always start writing exercises with poetry, entry into imagination and intuition. All of you poets in the Twin Cities, whether published or not, well known or beginner, I admire you for your courage and tenacity for bringing light into darkness and bringing your voice to the conversation. The risk, the surprise, the blessing. All of you poets in the world, I am honored to be part of your tribe. To speak of the joys and terrors of this human life, to point to the eternal within, to raise our lanterns high, to tip our candles one to the next. What a gift to know your work, your words. I salute you! and I thank you.

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