Return to the Wild

On November 25th 2014, PBS aired a documentary about Christopher McCandless titled “Return to the Wild”. It touches on more of the background and childhood of Chris and provides a great introduction to the book by his sister Carine McCandless “The Wild Truth”.

7 thoughts on “Return to the Wild

  1. I hate I missed the documentary. The “Into the Wild” book/movie is a favorite of mine – not to mention the gorgeous soundtrack from Eddie Vedder. I wasn’t even aware of the book by his sister. It seems I have some catching up to do.

    • The non-HD version of the documentary can be watched on PBS at anytime. I did missed it on TV, but watched on the website. I learned about month ago about his sister’s book and have been waiting like a kid at Christmas. I cracked it open last weekend and will be done soon, and write a review for here.

      • Oh, right on! I’ll definitely have to check that out then. I’ll likely check out your review of his sister’s book before I order it. I imagine it’ll be amazing, though.

      • I can imagine! I’m a huge fan of Eddie Vedder, so I actually heard about the soundtrack project first and it intrigued me. I’ve watched the movie several times and I can’t see how anyone could walk away from it without a huge shift in their outlook.

        • That is one of her motivations for organizing her journal and writing the book, to set straight why he did what he did, how it was planned, and the motivation. He was not some stupid kid walking blindly into the wild. He knew what he was doing – he was looking for himself and wherever the truth was hidden.

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