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Work on my first collection of poems titled “Beyond the Border Kingdom” has finally gained some traction.  I am almost complete with the second draft and the introduction.  To aid in writing and concentration, I found some new music, most notably three albums by Geomatic: “64 Light Years Away”, “Blue Beam”, and “Cosmochemistry”.

The draft introduction is below and more information will be available at:

The border kingdom is any separation or boundary between two different realms. It is a transition from one space or plane to another. It is physical, spiritual, mental, conscious and unconscious. A being will arrive at a point in their life when they are ready or not ready to transition. It is a decision made to leave one space and move to another. Once across the border, there is no going back. The present becomes the past and the future becomes the present.

When the border is nearing, what and how do we prepare ourselves?

This continuous cycle is augmented by these stays in the kingdoms denoting the border that we cross – crossing the border grants wisdom, experience, life, and after death.

In death the body succumbs to the river’s flow to be dispersed at sea. Each fragment is consumed and scattered, the image of the person is recreated when the being/essence finds a new body and reemerges on the other side of the border.

To cross the border is to accept who you are now, in this present form, and choose to grow, leaving behind the previous. It is not an easy choice, and fear will always be present, but you cannot grow or cross until the fear is conquered and extricated from the being,

How do we embrace fear, become aware of ourselves, and move beyond this space, beyond the border kingdom?

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    • Thank you Rachel, I appreciate that. I’m still flushing out the concept, and in reading the introduction it comes across as messy, and confusing. Hopefully the poems are not that way! But, setting the theme helps in editing the existing work, and adding more until I feel it is complete as chapter 1 in my plan for future collections.

      • My pleasure, man. I’m sure it’ll all come together. I’d wonder what kinda delusions you were under if everything was precisely in place already; I’ve never known words to play along THAT well. 😉 You’ll get it all wrangled together as it gets more full, surely. I’ve contemplated a collection for a while, but I can’t land on a theme; I admire your focus.

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