The following photos are from different days and times of Lake Superior along the North Shore.

Of Tide and Time, by Hanakia Zedek

What is life if not transfixed within this brittle shell
A miraculous brilliance juxtaposed
With so little time within a fragile hold
This cell
This Heaven This Hell
Do tell

But not of beliefs and fancy fair
But what is right here
And now
And how
And what it turns
And returns into

And moved in years untold
As they unfold
Taking life away
By the passing of each
And every day
Anon…as time moves on and on

What brief and delicate moments
Knit together
To appear as an illusion
Of forever
Yet a place never reached
Scorned by death’s release

What a twist of fate
Its twisted gate
We enter so innocent
Blind to time’s flawed design
And destiny resigned
To it

Away to sleep
And awake no more
Like sands on the shore
The sure and distant chide
And perilous ride
Of Time and Tide

Prince William Sound, Alaska
Prince William Sound, Alaska

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Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.

It was one of the first sayings in Spanish that I ever learned, though, if I’m being honest, I had to write it down to remember it.  I wish I could remember the person’s name who taught me, too.  It escapes me. But not the message.  The message is clear.

Translated, the above proverb means “The sleeping shrimp goes out with the tide.”

I’ve always remembered the meaning.  The call to action, in such beautiful language that just rolls from the tongue.  It is a message that the tide is almost always against us.  Not personally, mind you, but just as a matter of nature.  The tide rises and recedes.  And as shrimp we are pulled by the forces that at times seem, well…Sometimes the forces seem to be against us personally.

The tide can be a challenge to overcome.


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