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Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

Looking at the calendar, over a month has passed since my last post here. Where does the time go? I would like to say that I was in the midst of some grand adventure, but that would not be true! Life. Just life happening, and dealing with the daily grind, the obligations, and the 9-to-5. […]
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Big Sister Turns 3

Leroy’s big sister Vinny recently turned 3.  Trouble comes in pairs.  

Dogs of Summer #3

North to the St. Croix River we headed on a perfect grey and rainy summer morning. With just one puppy for this trip, Vinny and I quickly hiked 6.5 miles through prairie, forest, and along the river. For Vinny, the world is a buffet and she tasted all nature had to offer.

Spring is Here

What else to do on April first with 80 degrees and sun? Spend time with these two…