Poem – Black Horse

In scattered dreams I am
Visited at sunrise
Across the sea
By the black horse
Of myths and legend.

Appearing from nowhere
It arrives everywhere
The echo of heavy hoofs
Filling the woodlands.

Its presence intimidating
Its stare daunting, until
You approach and this
Gift from god bows
Its head at your touch.

4 thoughts on “Poem – Black Horse

  1. I love this poem. Very interesting that this black horse comes to you across the sea. There’s a few black horse legends along the west coast of Wales and Northern England- inculding… the Black One of the Sea who ferried people from Morecambe bay to Anglesy. He was also the mount of Gwyn ap Nudd during the hunt for the King of Boars in the Mabinogion. And could be related to the Dobbie- a water horse who lured riders onto his back and into a lake. And the black horse outlined in rock on the Howgills in Cumbria. A compelling myth.

    • Lorna thank you so much for your reply. I am going to read more on these legends you have kindly shared. While staring at the sunset over Lake Superior, a group of black clouds was seemingly riding the horizon. A very breathtaking scene that inspired this piece.

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