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Random 9/11 Thoughts

(1) A depth of feeling carried each day buried into the subconscious of each witness, born into each offspring, burned into humanities collective. (2) Questions will always outweigh the answers when we attempt and desire to look beneath the surface, the material evidence, the words and images – we want the person’s thoughts, state of […]
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Poem – 13 Years – 9/11

13 Years (1) An arctic sunrise opens this day – cold, calm, and reflective. The sky burns today but not the way it did 13 years ago. Scattered across the deep blue colors from every palette converge and blend, overlapping, without boundaries, without hate. (2) At the edge splitting humanity we gather and watch 2977 […]
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9/11 Poems

A few poems I have written over the years are now available for reading. ¬†They are located here. 9/11 9/11 (3-Years) 9/11 (Imagine) 9/11 (Never Forget) Don’t Forget Your Boots

Poetry and Remembrance

In remembrance of today, I have posted 4 poems I wrote about 9/11.  This is also in honor of my step-son, Kyle, who is currently deployed. Poems are located here: 9/11 9/11 РImagine 9/11 Р3-Years 9/11 РNever Forget