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Poem – Beyond Control

I move across the empty fields toward the tree line and pause. There are shadows and things unseen at work as the sky bends to will of the forest. There is an energy flow through everything and if I clear my mind I see ten thousand beings and the light they cast down the path.

Poem – Guided By Wolves

In the last dream of this life I watched the white wolf walk away. In the first dream of the next life I watched the black wolf emerge from still water. With my first step across the empty field I knew I was granted another life, more time complemented with the experiences and another chance […]
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Poem – Across The Sea

Across the black sea I see nothing with these eyes and I stand here not as I see myself and not as I desire to be but as the being accepted by the water. Across the see littered with fragments I am but a whisper cast from mountain tops. I hope with every last shred […]
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Poem – I am Out There

(1) Frequent glimpses of moving shadows and white figures. (2) One last time I enter the cold darkness and find a mass near the bushes, but this object reflects nor consumes light and I immediately feel a connection and cry when I know this is my shadow. (3) A view across the expanse of empty […]
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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 3

In a deep fog, a wakeful sleep, a field lit by ten-thousand lanterns reflects the chaotic sky passing through different sets of reality, a physical manifestation of the struggle, of the storm taking hold. In this clear moment, a disconnected view of what is true I let go of attachment and emotion and take hold […]
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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 2

The threads fade into the background as the scene silences and I am left with basic and primal instincts, disconnected from the imagined physical world, pushing aside forced projections and loose words from false gods and prophets – my inner beast runs into the fields.

Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 1

The air I taste and breath surfaces sharp and distinct memories from a time I had forgotten. Across the empty fields losing to the shadows the land becomes the physical manifestation of my mind. I walk around and examine each thread, each connection some are familiar and soft some are foreign and sharp.

Poem – One Mind

We inhabit this space for reasons we still chase through light and dark through heaven and hell through ancient texts and drawings. The human spirit longs for place, a concrete connection to surroundings, a palpable definition of home. How can we look out there when we do not how we got here? To measure today […]
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Poem – See, Turn, and Return

(1) What defines the human spirit when we are pushed to our limits? What ghosts are we chasing through day and night? Are ghosts chasing us through valleys and up mountains? (2) I see the moon in a dewdrop, does the moon see me? I look across the river as the black wolf approaches. I […]
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Poem – What Becomes

(1) Long ago that path became an object in the mirror fading into the dust of the present experiences. I look back with nostalgia at moments I have built and pieced together from the scenes I have witnessed, the people met and the forgotten glorified sense of purpose. (2) What becomes of the road after […]
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