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  • Poem – At the End of the Day

    Poem – At the End of the Day

    Cast from expectations of treeless horizons and concrete enforced cities, we landed here within the forest which quickly enveloped us. Towering pines scatter the August afternoon and we run through fallen needles and shadows. At the end of the day we rest in the native grases and watch butterfly wings open and close.

  • Nature – Land, a Fall Perspective

    Evening approaches the valley shielded under the canopy of oak. The colors change from green began a week ago and today the carpet has become red. A southerly wind rattles the dense forest, shaking loose leaves and small branches. Other than nature it is quiet and calm. I come here for the quiet and calm.…

  • “Marya”, Early Years

    Deep black eyes partially hidden by disheveled hair draped across petite shoulders beneath black leather jacket. Leaning against a chain link fence, the face gives nothing away no indication, no hint of the inner struggle. Each image one piece of some story, each word formed into sentences into paragraphs. Arms at each side, long fingers…