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  • Fracture 93: Moving the Future into the Present

    Fracture 93: Moving the Future into the Present

    (1) There, there I see you – walking along the shoreline,the sun is your companion. The ocean wind is relentlessyou continue walking into the headwind. I see pieces of you fall away and in turnthe fragments begin following you. I close my eyes and see a version of youthe you of another time. Each fragment…

  • Poem – Apathy

    With an apathetic look in tired eyes he turned away from the edge, hundreds of feet above the turbulent waters, and walked toward the forest, across the empty road absent of any traffic since the morning, into the cultivated fields, curiously empty, and sat next to the stone marker and finally wept.

  • Poem – Fences

    Continuing the dream theme this evening. Sheep lost wandered from the pasture towards a wire fence open in sections slipping through. Gravel and tumbleweed circling as the eastern wind rises from the canyon miles across the gorge swallowing each. A dream each night the canyon endless, I fall through layer after layer murky clouds sun…