Tag: colors

  • Poem – Merging Scenes

    Evening clouds cross the open fields, consuming empty space and trees. We watch their fluid movements and changing colors as the sun sets. Each passing moment like snowflakes and we struggle to take all of this in.  

  • Poem – Calming

    What more can I ask for, what more can I expect, than the colors of autumn calming the chaos within.

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 4

    These simple moments of nature’s gentle cycle coupled with the raw energy exhibited here and beyond humble this man juggling chaos looking for simplicity looking for answers to questions I have not asked.

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 3

    Sometimes when I see the midnight moon over the superior waters I imagine, if I reach for enough from the shoreline I can catch the beams in my palm. The iced shoreline captures and holds the moon just long enough for me to taste the ancient light and remember my roots far beyond any physical…

  • Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 2

    We hike for hours, having left the flat fields, the trail twists and turns toward a peak overlooking a wide valley filled with trees past their peak. The valley empties into a lake filling horizon with what is discarded, what is no longer useful here, to be dispersed out to sea into the cosmos. Darkness…

  • A Fall Day in MN

    The day started early just before the sunrise with enough time for coffee to get us warm before venturing out to the shoreline. The sun spread its fingers across the horizon, the water, and our faces. We continued to a state park and found a calm and secluded lake surrounded by nature’s palette. So many…

  • Holding Up the Fall Sky

  • If Jackson Pollock was a photographer, #2

    I imagine one of his photos would look like this:

  • Poem – Storms

    The godless faces of clouds move storms forward with voiceless commands. Building from the horizon they float in the boundless sky, scattering light and color until the sun sets and free of its binding energy they swallow what is left and overtake trees and shadows.

  • Poem – Walk, this winter evening

    Early winter walk around the lake hidden within the city. Further in and background noise fades to nothing. And the sky explodes with deep, dark colors captured in the ice and the motionless canoe.