Tag: Compassion

  • Poem – Authentic

    I believe who we are when our eyes first open and light through half-drawn blinds washes over our body, we are true, we are authentic and only through the chaos and fray of each day do we become jaded and lose touch with humanity.

  • Poem – Untitled 2

    I saw the shadow of you Underneath an elm tree Expressionless, maybe shock Or denial, confusion Maybe not sure your Feet now touch. I quietly took the outline Of your hand into mine And we walked into the sun.

  • Poem – Untitled

    Heads bowed Silent words This connection We all share Fragile and tenuous Now rings an alarm Looking for strength And unity. In this dark hour We realize the thin thread Holding us up and together That is stretched at times And pulls us closer at others. The key to learning And moving beyond Is compassion…