Tag: consume

  • Poem – Word

    The very moment you prepared for, going through each detail, emotions and movement, finally finds you, the actors in their place, face to face with what has been consuming your thoughts – and the words have left.

  • Poem – Through Silence

    Through silence I find the universe’s voice and when balanced it is a reflection of myself. Midnight sky. White dots. So many they blend into a haze across what astronomers measure in parsecs – whatever the official distance or definition I know this – I stand in awe at the heavens, the light, and energy…

  • Poem – Layers

    Why do I spend each weekend breaking sweet and back? What does each peeled layer represent? What am I looking for? Across the water lapping at my feet the land rises to the sky and the cliffs. I dream in color, I dream in green I smell warm pine and feel my skin burn as…