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Vignettes from Lutsen

Midnight sky filled with more stars than we’ve ever seen. Trapped in the city lights and pollution we see only the moon, a few planets, and a handful of stars. Here, we are treated to the vastness our home, this planet, swims within on its journey through the galaxy and universe. Distant lights dancing in […]
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Poem – Stain

If I pull back the thick fog they still consume my eyes. If I run into the water and let go, let the waves push and pull me as I fall toward the floor, they consume my conscious thoughts and what was empty and calm becomes clouded and my next actions are in conflict to […]
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Poem – Beneath the Lights

Sirens fade into the cityscape. Cigarette smoke encircles the face. She stands at the corner lost. She stands at the corner waiting. The city lights mask the darkness sleeping beneath bridges, the depth of hopelessness strolling midnight streets. Beyond here false prophets speak hollow words and promises that never come to fruition, they never come […]
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