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  • Urban Coyotes

    Urban Coyotes

    It is that time of year when coyotes are more active in urban areas. People and our dogs are more likely to have an encounter and we want to be safe, not only for ourselves, but for the coyotes as well. Coyote mating season: January through February Birth: Mid-March through mid-May What to do if…

  • Poem – Connections

    Poem – Connections

    Wandering the fields,a dusting of snow coats mature pine trees and grasses. They run free and wild as I walkthe trails we began building in the spring. Coyote dens near the hills are clean and organizedand the fox den recently found is still visible. So much life and nature in this field.Years are needed to…

  • Poem – What Sees in the Dark

    Pre-dawn. Sliver of gradient orange into purple. Cloud-less. The forest stands tall merging with the sky. Cold breath. We listen to distant owls, we watch for the coyotes.

  • If Jackson Pollock was a photographer, #5

    I imagine one of his photos would look like this:

  • Poem – Moon

    Silent clouds reveal the moon and the still water absorbs the light. Behind the moon the tree line casts shadows across our faces as we listen to distant coyote cries.