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Poem – Through Silence

Through silence I find the universe’s voice and when balanced it is a reflection of myself. Midnight sky. White dots. So many they blend into a haze across what astronomers measure in parsecs – whatever the official distance or definition I know this – I stand in awe at the heavens, the light, and energy […]
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William Wordsworth – What is a Poet?

Quote from William Wordsworth’ about what is a Poet.

Poem – Circle

The path I now walk circles and oscillates between two lives I struggle to be a part of I struggle to define. Each has merits and fulfillment each brings me closer to the being my past and my future conspired to create, so why do I struggle in the present? That life I judge myself […]
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Essay – Influence

An entire lifetime spanning so many years, is divided into smaller lifetimes, or books. These books of our life are further divided into chapters. I think the books are finished and started with major events or changes and these can be happy, joyous, sad, perhaps a death or tragedy. The chapters within each are related […]
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Poem – Definition

If I say I am without boundary, how will you define me? If I say I do not hear the words you say, am I still listening? If I look eastward, whose direction is it? If I swing my arm through the air, are you the only one feeling the movement? I exist here – […]
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Where has time gone?  While I know time itself does not change, only our perception, I must have been asleep for a few days.  It is already May and I have not really written a poem or prose in a couple of weeks.  I have spent some time in quiet reflection of my past and […]
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