Tag: dirt

  • Poem – The Old Barn (Part 1)

    Rewrite of a poem from 5-years ago along with a new photo. The Old Barn An old abandoned barn lies on the east side of town, at the end of Baker’s road, where the tar abruptly changes to gravel, dusty this time of year as rain has been scarce and the crops are wilting. Coming…

  • Poem – Escape Within Cartoons

    Snow begins to cover the empty field as the trees hold up the graying sky. I want to bury my head into the snow and mud, I want to find a way into the earth, while I do not understand where this world is going and the heavy thoughts, and when I lift my head…

  • Poem – On Our Daily Walk

    On our daily walk, we follow the same worn trails, make the same turns, and pass the same trees. That pond is empty, covered with algae. That one is home to busy and noisy muskrats. So many times we have have come this way that I follow the dogs as they know where to go…

  • Poem – Time

    I have been down that path beneath that same sky before but still, each time it is new, on a different day, with a different mindset, with intentions to make the most of the time given.

  • Poem – What the Fields Hide

    Leaving behind the city we pass the line separating concrete and dirt path. Recent snow has hardened and crunches with each step. I pause and silence myself and hear ravens nearby. I pause and hold my breath and imagine what secrets are beneath the empty field.

  • Poem – Cleansed Through Smoke and Fire

    On the earth I walk with light steps and place fallen branches in the pit. To the sky I gaze through pine trees and watch smoke disperse to the heavens. To my future self I set the path, wash away the dirt, and cleanse the soul.

  • Poem – Roots

    I walk the worn dirt path circling the overgrown fields where the winds have abated and the grass, flowers, and trees have grown deep roots while the land has gone back in time before the cities of industry.

  • Poem, for Earth Day

    My breath from the trees. My liquid from the oceans. My feet upon the earth. Each day, each second should be in your honor. Each task, each decision should be in your image. Through you we can attain peace.

  • Poem – Wind

    Scouring the landscape the earth is overturned and what was buried and waiting surfaces and life continues the journey.

  • Road Home

    The road home, over the hill, into the sky.