Tag: ducks

  • Poem – Contemplation

    I watch the sun set behind the hills. I watch planes pass overhead nearly colliding with the moon. I watch the pond empty and then fill again. And again. With ducks. The dogs stand watch, stoic poses, passed through generations and breeding. I wonder what they are thinking.

  • Looking for Peace

    An early morning walk through a November-drenched park with Leroy, Alaskan coffee, and music. As the wind blew hard off the lake, yet the pace was slow and purposeful, I chose “Lost in the Chambers of the Sea”, by Startle the Heavens (Ben Leopard). Starting off brisk and cloudy, we watched thousands of ducks float…

  • Adventures with Leroy – Winter is Coming

    A late fall walk with the puppy to the park. ¬†Recent rains left great mud for us to play in. The park was alive with ducks, geese, a hawk, chipmunk, and many squirrels gathering food. ¬†Within all of the activity, we took time to sit at the beach and watch the ducks play and swim.…