Tag: emotions

  • Poem – A Prelude (Beyond Now, Infinite Outcomes Merged Into Singularity)

    We create machines from the technology we discover and in the pursuit of higher knowledge we imbue our intellect, instincts, and capacity to explore and wonder into these machines. And we wonder what could go wrong. In a dystopian future… At what point does a thing pass over a human defined line and become a…

  • Poem – Tears

    I hear the news and see static images of people, real people, cast into life changing and ending moments, and with no visible or obvious connection between us, except being human, except occupying this earth, I cry.

  • Poem – Word

    The very moment you prepared for, going through each detail, emotions and movement, finally finds you, the actors in their place, face to face with what has been consuming your thoughts – and the words have left.

  • Thoughts on Lance Armstrong

    I tend to leave any directs news-realted items off this site, preferring to blend the topics into poems and prose.  However, the announcement on Friday the 24th, by Lance Armstrong, that he is dropping his fight against allegations that he doped and cheated while racing, hit a nerve with me. I got both of my…