Tag: evening

  • Poem – Merging Scenes

    Evening clouds cross the open fields, consuming empty space and trees. We watch their fluid movements and changing colors as the sun sets. Each passing moment like snowflakes and we struggle to take all of this in.  

  • Poem – Promise

    That evening I played in the snow and ice crossing fields and hiking uphill as the air dropped below zero and I promised the sun and moon to listen and be respectful.

  • Nature – Land, a Fall Perspective

    Evening approaches the valley shielded under the canopy of oak. The colors change from green began a week ago and today the carpet has become red. A southerly wind rattles the dense forest, shaking loose leaves and small branches. Other than nature it is quiet and calm. I come here for the quiet and calm.…

  • Beasts and Shadows

  • Poem – Accept What is Given

    I awoke whole with an empty mind. I left the front door into the morning air filled with mist and raven calls from treetops surrounding the small pond. I was along and not alone and took comfort in murky sun giving away purple light.

  • Poem – Broken

    I am broken and beneath the evening sun my pieces melt. In the moonlight I am made whole again.

  • Retreat Vignettes – #2

    Tall pine holds up the sky free of clouds as the sun passes overhead. I look beyond the tree tops through the holes in the sky at the first star winking in the twilight of a spring evening. I am alone in simple thoughts free of burden but I feel an eye is cast in…

  • Dogs of Spring #3

    Spent the weekend chipping fallen trees and pulling stumps. Had enough time leftover to spend with the evening sun, the pine trees, and these two.        

  • Dogs of Spring #2

    The day after clearing part of the forest, me and the big dog enjoyed a leisurely walk beneath the clear and sunny sky. The early evening when the sun is below the tree-line provides lively shadows and hidden light scattered throughout the space between each tall being.

  • Poem – The Dark Drifting Upon the Snow

    Winter evening in mid-December. The sun set hours ago and cold is descending from the heavens, there are no clouds and the moon is hidden. The only sound is my feet and the running dogs. Down a hill we slide and stop before the tree line. An expanding presence darkness fills the space between trees,…