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  • Poem – Taking the Path into the Darkening Sky

    Poem – Taking the Path into the Darkening Sky

    Falling off the concrete path, I landed in the empty fields surrounded with autumn colors. I was not sure where to turn next, what road to follow, or where I wanted to go. The trees then opened showing me a path leading up into the darkening blue sky, into the unknown.

  • Poem – When the Snow Becomes Each Soul

    Snow falling across the empty fields we watch from behind the trees. The white winter sky falls into the fields and we are weightless. Letting go of each branch we fall into the sky. Over time we fall back into the fields.

  • Poem – Voice with no Voice

    The last drag taken slowly the cigarette fading beneath the black sky free of clouds and moon. The last puff of smoke masks the face of an unknown man desiring anonymity as he watches from a distance. He cannot bring himself to emerge from the shadows as the pain courses through his body and his…

  • Poem – Fences

    Continuing the dream theme this evening. Sheep lost wandered from the pasture towards a wire fence open in sections slipping through. Gravel and tumbleweed circling as the eastern wind rises from the canyon miles across the gorge swallowing each. A dream each night the canyon endless, I fall through layer after layer murky clouds sun…