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  • Poem – Christmas Star Dust

    Poem – Christmas Star Dust

    Snow lays upon the grassesscattered across the fieldsof peace, hope, and love. I stand here beneath the late December skyfilled with clouds holding the forestand I inhale a moment free of chaos. What this all means finally breaks throughfilling my mind with joy, resolve, and a reminderthat we are all equal, here, and from the…

  • Poem – Pathway

    I see a life in the distance away from here and this moment of loss. I see a change on the horizon away from the struggle and terror. I see above a way forward through the pathway to the heavens.

  • Poem – The Wanderer, part 3

    In the middle of a field empty from horizon to horizon I wandered beneath empty skies until the fog appeared and I changed direction toward the emerging mass of white devouring the sky.   I wandered faithfully but with diminishing hope that at the end of this journey I would find salvation.

  • Whitewater Rafting 6-Mile Creek, Alaska

    The main reason I returned to Alaska in 2013 was for a new experience, and that was whitewater rafting. Something I have never done, but I figured if you ware going to, go all out. On September 4th, we took to the class IV and V rapids of 6-mile creek near Hope Alaska through NOVA…

  • Poem – In the Shadows

    In the shadows there is a path there is hope if that is what we choose to see.

  • Poem – What is Left After the Words

    The slow music fades into the background. The thoughts and words I am left with feel hollow and weak, they have lost meaning. I throw all of the words away in an attempt to start again after some time has passed and the raw emotion becomes real. I start down the path collecting what best…

  • Poem – Fragmented Days

    The more we hear the more we turn away from the voices carried from beyond the horizon on broken winds as each day chips away at the armor. Thoughts scatter through the empty field past the tree line and I stop at the border. What inhabits the forest I cannot see or hear? Days broken.…

  • Poem – In the Aftermath

    In the aftermath we become introspective and concerned with immediacy, the ones most near, and once settled, we look up beyond our fate here and hope for hope.

  • Poem – Here Before

    I have been this way before, down this same path, and most likely not for the last time. I have been here before looking for a road, a way through the ever-increasing obstacles with a distant light ebbing and flowing surrounded in the absolute silence where I only hear my breath and the rising panic…

  • Poem – Hope

    As the sun sets on another day and the weight of each person’s burden, responsibilities, and hopelessness reach a tipping point there is the outside view into the mind of each tree into the soul of nature into the womb of the universe.