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  • Poem – The Search

    The sound of metal scraping across rock strewn fields is not the imagination filling time with stories and distracting thoughts away from what appears to be inevitable. No, that really is the machines emerging from the dense forest. That is the machines rewiring fluid thoughts, adapting to the immediate environment while focusing on the assigned…

  • Nature – Delicate Relationship

    There is something dramatic and something many times larger than us. What surrounds and embraces us with reluctance because we are there within its midst. The thrill of venturing into unknown and undiscovered lands, into unnamed glaciers, lakes with undisturbed shorelines, trails and elevations unknown to maps, lives within us. I desire to truly experience…

  • Poem – Tears

    I hear the news and see static images of people, real people, cast into life changing and ending moments, and with no visible or obvious connection between us, except being human, except occupying this earth, I cry.

  • Poem – What is this Fire We Walk Within?

    I don’t need words and pages to explain the concept of hell – just being human, just living will teach you invaluable lessons, will drag you through depths testing and defining character while breaking what you thought you know, who you thought you were. Hell is boundless and placeless – stop for a moment while…

  • Essay – Judgment

    Why do we continue to judge ourselves and our actions against a written word and faceless God when the only entity we should measure against is life around us, how we impact them, and the face in the mirror? When you wake, can you think back, reflect on the previous day, your actions, your impact,…

  • Poem – Before

    Before this fire painted the sky. Water and rivers of molten earth. The sun guarding the primordial land before we arrived.

  • I am a work progress

    That is all.