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Poem – Possibilities

The empty field and the distant infinite horizon lay claim to nothing except possibilities. At my feet the path is open and waiting for the first step.

Poem – Wonder

Steeped in the still black waters I see the white petals fall from the empty sky and I wonder with amazement, where do they come from? On my knees I pray not to a named deity but to the infinite canvas filled with stars and planets and know there must be a reason and wonder […]
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Poem – Questions

“Are you out there beyond the merging of the sky and the sea?” I ask of the ravens atop trees lining the shoreline. I am torn as to my place here when I only have a few fragments left, the rest have scattered, on a journey through the infinite space, speeding toward the beginning or […]
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Poem – Uncertain

“I have been here before.” A distant memory surfaces detached from the here and now I fail to place when and where. Uncertain I have become of my place in the physical world bound by rules and limitations choking and smothering the spirit. That sunrise knows no bounds stretching beyond what I can see and […]
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Poem – Winter’s Song

I lost my breath in the empty field. Lost in the blinding snow. Thrown over the mountain tops. In the silence I heard winter’s song. I ran across the iced field in near darkness my bare feet light and swift as I cast no shadow and left no trace. I ran across the iced field […]
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