Tag: instincts

  • Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 3

    In a deep fog, a wakeful sleep, a field lit by ten-thousand lanterns reflects the chaotic sky passing through different sets of reality, a physical manifestation of the struggle, of the storm taking hold. In this clear moment, a disconnected view of what is true I let go of attachment and emotion and take hold…

  • Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 2

    The threads fade into the background as the scene silences and I am left with basic and primal instincts, disconnected from the imagined physical world, pushing aside forced projections and loose words from false gods and prophets – my inner beast runs into the fields.

  • Poem – A Natural State

    Guided by instincts pushed aside by life’s demands to survive each day we quickly find our place steeped in wood, water, sand, and the sun. As the morning rises from the sea’s depths we close our eyes and feel each ray of light and the warmth of our creator.

  • Poem – Dogs of Winter

    Afternoon sun sets quickly as the wind scatters snow and ice through the forest. Summer ponds holding ducks assume a new role and face as the moon consumes the surface. The main path follows the base of the hill winding past wetlands. Ravens assume positions in trees surrounding the open field. The dogs of winter…

  • Where we are going, what have we done

    I tend to be a private person when it comes to political, economic, and social issues, but the state of the world now is too much to keep inside, to keep from spilling like blood into sands. As a person and part of humanity, with a connection to each living being, I feel sadness and…