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  • Today’s Music

    Today is brought to you by Mystical Sun, a soundscape of ambient and electronica. Providing a backdrop for pondering, writing, or just getting lost.

  • Today’s Music

    Today is brought to you by The Cure’s “4:13 Dream”, a more positive and ethereal release.

  • Music for Today

    What music are you listening to today?  What fits your mood or state of mind?  I chose 3 Doors Down to accompany me on the wave of emotions coming forth from the past 11-years and the heaviness I allow myself to experience.

  • Music

    In celebration of this being my 100th post on this website, and as a follow-up to a previous post and comments about music, here is a list of music I listen to while writing. Olafur Arnalds Johann Johannsson Hildur Gudnadottir Valgeir Sigurdsson Moby Kaskade Late Night Alumni Tycho Aarktica Alva Noto Ryuichi Sakamoto Biosphere The…