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  • Vignettes from Lutsen

    Vignettes from Lutsen

    Midnight sky filled with more stars than we’ve ever seen. Trapped in the city lights and pollution we see only the moon, a few planets, and a handful of stars. Here, we are treated to the vastness our home, this planet, swims within on its journey through the galaxy and universe. Distant lights dancing in…

  • Poem – Light from Another Home, What Controls Each Dream

    Winter evening sky burns at the horizon as day falls into night. Eyes follow the black outlines of branches reaching toward heaven through the layered hues and scattered clouds until they stop at the single white point. I have seen you each night from the cement patio as the city quiets and the distant trains…

  • Poem – Calming

    What more can I ask for, what more can I expect, than the colors of autumn calming the chaos within.

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/14/16

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/13/16

  • Poem – Hope

    As the sun sets on another day and the weight of each person’s burden, responsibilities, and hopelessness reach a tipping point there is the outside view into the mind of each tree into the soul of nature into the womb of the universe.

  • Poem – Where From

    Putting aside differences, opinions, and our views of the outside from the inside, whoever or whatever designed and created this, is pretty awesome.

  • Poem – A Moment in Time

    For a moment in time I saw the future as I quickly let go o the past. In the moment I saw the beginning. Of each moment I held on as long as possible. I did not know how much time I had left. I do not know where I am going from here.  

  • Poem – Woods

    In the woods we take the worn path of hard dirt and decaying leaves following the recent activities of coyotes. Consistent and plentiful rain has filled in empty spaces with the silent guardians reaching to the morning sun.

  • Poem – What Sees in the Dark

    Pre-dawn. Sliver of gradient orange into purple. Cloud-less. The forest stands tall merging with the sky. Cold breath. We listen to distant owls, we watch for the coyotes.