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  • Quantum Physics Came From the Vedas

    An article that examines and discusses the historical origination of Quantum Mechanics from ancient Hinduism philosophy and texts – the Vedic texts. http://www.krishnapath.org/quantum-physics-came-from-the-vedas-schrodinger-einstein-and-tesla-were-all-vedantists/

  • Poem – Mirror 2

    Some mornings the face turns and questions. I have no answers except confusion and distance. Is this where I wanted to be? Which version of me made this decision? If now is the culmination of three – past, present, and future… and I see this confluence in the mirror what does the reflection see? Are…

  • 2013 Poetry Month #10 – Cartoon Physics, Part 2

    The poem “Cartoon Physics, Part 2” is written by Nick Flynn and published in his book Some Ether (2000, by Graywolf Press). Cartoon Physics, Part 2 Years ago, alone in her room, my mother cut a hole in the air & vanished into it. The report hung & deafened, followed closely by an over- whelming…