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  • Proven Life, Chapter 7 and 8

    I have posted Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 from Part 2 of “The Proven Life” for your reading pleasure.

  • The Proven Life update

    Chapter 5 (Untitled Misery) and Chapter 6 (The Realization) have been posted for your reading pleasure. Click here for Part 1 index. Click here for Part 2 index.

  • Today’s Music

    I have tried to average one post a day, but now that it is a new month, and I missed posting the past few days, I thought I should get something on here. Today’s music is brought to you by Moby “Destroyed: Remixed”. I will post the next two chapters of “The Proven Life” later…

  • The Proven Life Chapter 3 and 4

    Further removed from the grips of a migraine, I have posted Chapter 3 (Lost Love) and Chapter 4 (Trapped in my Mind) of The Proven Life, Part 2.

  • Chapter 11 and 12

    Chapter 11 and 12 of “The Proven Life” has been posted and can be read here.

  • Chapter 9 and 10

    After a bit of a hiatus and being consumed by work, I have published Chapter 9 and 10 of The Proven Life for your reading pleasure.

  • The Proven Life Continues…

    Chapter 5 and 6 of “The Proven Life” are now on-line and can be read here. I will begin posting inforaiton with a bit of background on each chapter, and any footnotes that are in the completed version.