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Poem – Simple

A quiet evening as the dust settles and chaos is held at bay, watching the sunset with nature’s creatures. Simple. These moments defining a life provide peace and a bit of knowledge grounding our place to and within the world.

Morning walk with the girls

Dogs of Winter

Just a few more weeks and we can play in the snow again.  

Poem – On Our Daily Walk

On our daily walk, we follow the same worn trails, make the same turns, and pass the same trees. That pond is empty, covered with algae. That one is home to busy and noisy muskrats. So many times we have have come this way that I follow the dogs as they know where to go […]
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Photos from Lutsen – 04/12/16

Poem – As I

As I watch the April sunrise across the turbulent waters I am reminded again of my place beneath cedar and pine while sitting on the rocks with two puppies.

Beasts and Shadows

Morning Antics

Up with a beautiful end of January sunrise, we walked and played with spring creeping in slowly.

Poem – Pure Spirits

A chance to put on-hold obligations and deadlines and dive into nature with the purest of spirits.

Dogs of Spring #3

Spent the weekend chipping fallen trees and pulling stumps. Had enough time leftover to spend with the evening sun, the pine trees, and these two.