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  • Vignettes from Lutsen

    Vignettes from Lutsen

    Midnight sky filled with more stars than we’ve ever seen. Trapped in the city lights and pollution we see only the moon, a few planets, and a handful of stars. Here, we are treated to the vastness our home, this planet, swims within on its journey through the galaxy and universe. Distant lights dancing in…

  • Poem – Merging Scenes

    Evening clouds cross the open fields, consuming empty space and trees. We watch their fluid movements and changing colors as the sun sets. Each passing moment like snowflakes and we struggle to take all of this in.  

  • Poem – Memories

    Memories of distant surfaces of planets I have not seen. Mountains beyond the eyes reach and multiple suns that never set. Where is the place beyond the known expanse of space? I see white petals falling into the black water over and over and over. I stand at the confluence and water washes over my…

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/16/16

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/14/16

  • Photos from Lutsen – 04/13/16

  • Poem – Where From

    Putting aside differences, opinions, and our views of the outside from the inside, whoever or whatever designed and created this, is pretty awesome.

  • Poem – Calm

    Time and age conspire with numbers setting expectations. You are only as old as you feel and that depends on the body’s voice. These things are mostly out of our control and in youth we ignore and push limits looking to find something beyond life looking over the edge at the mouth of death. As…

  • Poem – What Sees in the Dark

    Pre-dawn. Sliver of gradient orange into purple. Cloud-less. The forest stands tall merging with the sky. Cold breath. We listen to distant owls, we watch for the coyotes.

  • The Meeting

    (1) I followed the man in a red robe with deep purple beads and dreadlocks through the town square lined with meat, seafood, rugs, and incense vendors. Past the fountain until we stopped at the waters edge. I vow to become the swift moving stream atop the slow moving bedrock that is the world I…