As with everything
time marches in one direction
that we perceive but in quiet
moments we reflect back on
past time, bring it into the present,
and savor every morsel we remember.

Do you remember where you were
that night in the autumn

the first hard freeze and the
sky exploding with clouds and light?

I will never forget where I was
standing near the pond

filled with an orange reflection
waiting for the call, for you.

2014-11-08 08.45.39


Today we bury my uncle.
Deep blue sky the day
after a full moon.

Fire across the horizon
burning purple behind
the snow covered limbs
and rooftops.

A raven flies high above rising
smoke and the city’s chatter.

Solitude and peace infused
with sorrow and the ache of loneliness.

We gather in the morning
forgetting the throes of winter
and remember the warmth of your heart.

A few poems I have written over the years are now available for reading.  They are located here.