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Essay – In That Moment

Imagine what life would be from this moment forward if we moved away from the chatter and negativity our mind is swimming within and realize we are born from the stars, that all life on this planet is born from the same material and roots, and that we each have a purpose. Imagine what tomorrow […]
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Time’s Plan

Another year on the calendar has passed and we celebrate. A celebration of accomplishments and of moving beyond events and moments we wish to forget and gain distance between. But time has a plan for us. In the day-to-day scheme of life and the normal cycle, time is always moving forward. Ticking away at the […]
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Poem – What Matters Most in the Violent Waves

Thinking back on the past I see the signs and guides more clearly and with more openness than at the time. Thinking about where I am now I plan what future I want, the reach of my sphere of influence and the morals I must exhibit. What I question are the words thrown to the […]
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Our sphere of influence. Do we know, realize, or even care about the people around us who are directly or indirectly influenced by our actions? ¬†Something as simple as an angry gesture or honking your horn while driving. ¬†What does the recipient of those actions carry forth with them on the rest of the drive, […]
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