Poem – What Matters Most in the Violent Waves

Thinking back on the past
I see the signs and guides

more clearly and with more
openness than at the time.

Thinking about where I am now
I plan what future I want,

the reach of my sphere of influence
and the morals I must exhibit.

What I question are the words
thrown to the wind by others,

by shamans and preachers.
By those speaking of truth,

another way to live, of
supposed lies, our blindness

while they pilfer our pockets
and exist in the same state.

What matters most are words and actions
of respect, peace, and unity to those

we love, know, and hold and those
we have never met here.

What matters most are the daily choices
made for ourselves and those around us.

2014-11-08 08.41.32



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  1. Thank your for articulating where I am at this time. I wear a pendant that looks like a Shift key, because that is where I am at this time. The waves can be violent, yet it is within the wave that the shift become reality. Remembering that time is a point and not a line, that past, present, and future all exist now, creates the opportunity to make the changes and shifts we once thought were impossible.

    • Thank you Vonnie for the thoughtful reply. What we perceive as now is the culmination of everything we (our essence) has and will experience, yet have control to change that on a whim and become something different, something better.

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