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Poem – Everywhere

The previous day bathed us in winter light as the sea sang us to sleep. Today we slowly become wet snow-people as the storms take over the landscape and we marvel at the beauty everywhere.

Poem – Silent Awakening

Summer. Days of long hot sun, the wind scorching exposed skin and throwing sand and twigs everywhere. Summer. Early mornings when the sun first reaches above the pine tree tops and the light squirms its way through openings in the pole barn roof, tapping on closed eyes. Slowly the whippoorwill across the seasonal creek is […]
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Poem – Perseverance

Storms rolled through last week. Weak and old trees toppled to the ground or fell into a neighbor or landed on the wire fencing with the orange flags. Near the pole barn smaller trees were uprooted but the metal roof still looks new, the green roof glistening when wet. What little birch are mixed with […]
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Poem – Fire

Winter is finally put to rest, for now, as the sky turns black and the forest bends in the hour filled with frequent strikes and increasing intensity, the dry earth quick to give up secrets, quick to burn before the rain arrives.

Poem – Storms

The godless faces of clouds move storms forward with voiceless commands. Building from the horizon they float in the boundless sky, scattering light and color until the sun sets and free of its binding energy they swallow what is left and overtake trees and shadows.