Tag: today

  • Poem – Birth

    In the beginning we come into this space as innocent beings fumbling around the empty fields stretching forever. We stare in wonder and with amazement as to the endless possibilities and the control we have of our life. Then something changes and the field begins to fill with objects and obstacles and where there was…

  • Poem – Return

    In the end, when this life becomes the next, we become the raw materials returned to earth only to rise and become the flowers of tomorrow.

  • Poem – Today

    Each day while comprising the experiences of the previous, is itself new, and waiting for what you make of the time.

  • Poem – Destiny

    As the rain subsides and the sky fills with birds I am left with a fragment of who I was yesterday. That is to say each day we are given the chance to change to shed what is not needed and keep what we are destined to be.

  • Today’s Music

    Today is brought to you by The Cure’s “4:13 Dream”, a more positive and ethereal release.